Proceed AVP

Factory Reset Instructions

  1. With the unit powered up and out of "Standby" mode, press the MENU button on the remote or press and hold the front panel RECALL button for 3 seconds. This will display the MAIN MENU. DO NOT SELECT ANY OF THE 4 MENU OPTIONS; INSTEAD DO THE FOLLOWING:
  2. Press the front panel SUB button followed by (within 2 seconds) the front panel MASTER button. The Technical Menu will now be displayed. If not, press menu on the remote or recall on the front panel display to back out of the MAIN MENU and start again.
  3. Select the option FACTORY DEFAULTS and press ENTER on the remote or press the front panel MUTE (AVP) or MASTER (PAV) button (which is also enter). You will now see the warning page, which reads, "WARNING ALL, CUSTOMIZED SETTINGS WILL BE LOST WHEN DEFAULTS ARE RESTORED."