Sphero BB-8

Factory Reset Instructions

  1. Place BB-8 on the charger.
  2. Hold it there with one hand and press the button on the side of the charger with the other.
  3. While still holding the button down, remove BB-8 from the charging base. The droid should not light up if you have done this successfully.
  4. After a few seconds, place BB-8 back on the charging base to wake it up again, and attempt to connect.

Force Firmrware Update

  1. To reset BB-8, place your droid on the charging dock, connect to WiFi and launch the BB-8 application.
  2. Once the application has loaded, scroll down and tap "SETTINGS."
  3. Then, click the upper right-hand arrow two times until you reach the "ADVANCED SETTINGS" page.
  4. Choose the second option "Force Firmware Update."