Beko Washing Machine

Factory Reset Instructions

  1. Locate the start, pause and cancel buttons.
  2. Press them all down at the same time for around 3-5 seconds.
  3. Your machine should now be reset.

Self Test Mode

Method 1

  1. Start with the door closed.
  2. Hold the SPIN button and then press the ON/OFF button.
  3. The letter E-- will appear on the screen and the door will lock.
  4. Press the START/PAUSE button so that 25 shows on display.
  5. Press the START/PAUSE button again and all lights and display will flash.
  6. Press the START/PAUSE again and it will start to go through the functions. Each press of the START/Pause button will advance to the next function.
  7. You can exit the self test mode by pushing and holding the ON/OFF button.

Method 2

  1. Start with the door closed and the machine turned off.
  2. Set the program setting to the 90C setting.
  3. Hold the START/PAUSE button whilst pressing the on button.
  4. Keep holding the START/PAUSE button, the light above it should flash 3 times, then turn the program knob to the "Spin Empty" cycle, and wait 3 more seconds.
  5. You can now release the START/PAUSE button as you are in Self Test mode.
  6. Each time you press the START/PAUSE button you will advance to the next test function.

Error Code Explanations

Beko error codes will either show as a letter and a number or will show using a series of LEDs on the front of the unit.

If your unit does not have a screen then you read the LEDs from left to right, with each LED having a value - from left to right 1,2,4,8,16 - you must add the numbers of lit LEDs together to get your error code.

  • E1 - NTC short circuit or open circuit.
  • E2 - Heater error.
  • E3 - Heater continuously active error.
  • E4 - Valve triac error.
  • E5 - Pump clogged or pump error.
  • E6 - Motor triac error.
  • E7 - Water level sensor error.
  • E8 - Low water pressure - check supply.
  • E9 - Door lock error (open circuit).
  • E10 - Door lock error (triac short circuit).
  • E11 - Motor open circuit.
  • E17 - Program terminated because of foam.
  • E18 - Program terminated because of unbalanced load.