Candy Washing Machine

If you are having problems with your Candy washing machine - sometimes running the self test mode can act like a factory reset and clear the errors from your machine.

Self Test Mode

  1. Push and hold the FIRST Option Button with LED top right.
  2. Turn the Program's Selector Knob 2 clicks clockwise.
  3. After about 5 seconds, release the FIRST Option Button.
  4. If the previous procedure was correctly carried out, all LEDs are turned ON simultaneously.
  5. Press the START/PAUSE Button to start the self test mode.

Error Code Meanings

  • E00 - Defective "Cuore" Power Card – Not Programmed "Cuore" Power Card.
  • E01 - Door Safety Lock Device/Drum's Braking device defective and/or Wiring.
  • E02 - The machine cannot load water.
  • E03 - The washing machine does not drain water.
  • E04 - There is too much foam and/or water.
  • E05 - NTC Temperature Reading Probe opened or shorted and/or Wiring.
  • E06 - Eeprom – Defective "Cuore" Power Card and/or Wiring.
  • E07 - Door problem.
  • E08 - Defective Tachometric Dynamo (opened or shorted) and/or Wiring.
  • E09 - Defective "Cuore" Power Card (damaged Motor's TRIAC) and/or Wiring.
  • E13 - No dialogue between "Cuore" Power Card and Display board and/or Wiring.
  • E14 - Missing Water Heating: defective NTC Probe and/or defective Water Heating Element and/or Wiring.
  • E15 - Defective "Cuore" Power Card – Not Programmed "Cuore" Power Card.
  • E16 - Water Heating Element is short circuited or defective electrical insulation.
  • E17 - Wrong signal from Tachometric Dynamo.
  • E18 - Defective "Cuore" Power Card and/or Wiring – Wrong Network Frequency.
  • E19 - Missing communication with the NFC device: defective "Cuore" Power Card or Smartphone.
  • E20 - Difficult reading of water level: defective APS Pressostat generates a wrong frequency value.
  • E21 - Missing reading of water level: Wiring or APS Pressostat or Cuore" Power Card are defective.
  • E22 - Troubles with water heating: Wiring or Water Heater or “Cuore" Power Card are defective.