Disable ACR (Automatic Content Recognition)

If you own a smart TV, chances are its integrated automated content recognition (ACR) technology tracks everything you watch. One of the best ways to stop this data collection is by not connecting your Smart TV to the internet in the first place, if however you rely on the internet connected features for Apps / Streaming services then follow our guides below to turn off ACR / Telemetry on your set.


Method 1

Settings -> All Settings -> General -> About This TV -> User Agreements -> turn off ‘Viewing Information’ and ‘Personalised Advertising’ and ‘Voice Information’.

Method 2

Settings -> Options -> turn off LivePlus


Turn off ACR by going to Settings, then Privacy, and "Smart TV Experience." Make sure all options within this menu are unchecked.


Method 1

Settings -> Support -> Terms & Policies -> turn off ‘Viewing Information Services’ and ‘Interest Based Advertising’ and ‘Voice Recognition Services’ (Nuance)

Method 2

Smart Hub -> Settings -> Support -> Terms & Policy -> turn off ‘SyncPlus and Marketing’ and ‘Voice Recognition Services’ (Nuance)


Method 1

  1. Settings – Initial Setup -> agree to Sony Bravia policy -> turn off Samba TV
  2. Also go to Settings -> About -> Ads -> turn off 'Ads Personalization'.


Method 1

System -> Reset & Admin -> turn off ‘Viewing Data’

Disable Chromecast on Vizio

Google Home app (on your smartphone) -> Menu -> select your TV from Devices -> click the three dots -> Settings -> turn off ‘Send Chromecast device usage data and crash reports’

Method 2

System -> Reset & Admin -> turn off ‘Smart Interactivity’ or ‘Viewing Data’