Nike FuelBand

Reset Instructions

  1. Hold the Nike+ FuelBand button down for ~10 seconds until you see RESET
  2. Release the button and quickly press it again. RESET will flash 4 times before the Nike+ FuelBand resets. During that time, a short button press will cancel the reset. Pressing the button again resumes the reset.
  3. After the icon blinks 4 times, the icon animates clockwise for a minimum of 2 seconds or until the devices resets.
  4. The “Swoosh” then wipes on and confirms the device has been reset.

Factory Reset Instructions

You can click on FACTORY RESET in the lower left-hand corner of the Nike+ Connect window and completely clear your settings, time, and activity history from your Nike+ FuelBand.

Your profile, activity history, and achievements, however, will remain on Nike+.

To access this option, please connect your FuelBand to your USB port. When Nike+ Connect launches, click "Settings" to open the Settings drawer and look for the "Factory Reset" button in the lower left-hand corner of the window.