HP Touchpad

Factory Reset Instructions

  1. Before erasing and resetting your device, back up your HP webOS
  2. Back up the data stored on your device’s USB drive.
  3. Open Device Info.
  4. Tap Reset Options.
  5. Do one of the following:
    1. Tap Erase Apps & Data twice to delete all personal information
    2. Tap Erase USB Drive twice to erase everything stored on the USB drive
    3. Tap Full Erase twice to erase all personal info, apps, and everything stored on the USB drive
    4. Tap Secure Full Erase twice to overwrite and then erase everything deleted by a full erase.
  6. To restore HP webOS Account data after erasing apps and data, the USB drive, or a full erase, follow the onscreen prompts to enter the HP webOS Account email address and password. DO NOT create a new HP webOS Account.

You can also reset the HP Touchpad using the webOS Doctor software on the HP website