Honeywell HRSD4 CCTV DVR

Factory Reset Instructions

The DVR has a Factory Reset switch to the right of the RS-232C Connector on the rear panel. This switch should be used only on the rare occasions that you want to return all the settings to the original factory settings.

  1. Turn off the DVR.
  2. Turn it on again.
  3. While the DVR is initializing, the front panel LEDs blink. When the front panel LEDs blink, poke the straightened paperclip to the unlabelled hole in the right of the RS-232C Connector.
  4. Hold the switch until all the LEDs on the front panel are lit.
    • Note When the DVR successfully resets to factory defaults all the LEDs on the front panel flash three times.
  5. Release the reset switch. All of the DVR's settings are now at the original settings it had when it left the factory.