Hotpoint Oven

F03 Error Code Reset

The F03 error is known as a programming error with Hotpoint Ovens - typically you can fix this error with a factory reset.

  1. First get the code from the oven service sticker that is found on the inside of the door. (3 or 4 digits separated by a slash).
  2. Keep a note of this code as you will need it in a moment.
  3. Turn off the power to the unit for at least 30 seconds.
  4. Then switch the machine back on and push and hold the "OK" button for 5 seconds, the unit will now make a short beep.
  5. Now push the ok button 4 more times within 15 seconds, the word CONF will appear on the display.
  6. Press and hold the ok button for at least one second.
  7. Display will now show "UI00".
  8. Now use the rotary control to select the first number on the service sticker that you noted in the first step before the slash.
  9. Press the play / start button to confirm.
  10. Keep pressing the play / start button until AM appears in the display.
  11. Use rotary dial to set the second code in the display.
  12. Confirm by pressing play / start button - keep pressing until "teof" shows in the display.
  13. Turn the rotary dial once until "teon" displays and then press the start button once.
  14. Unit will exit test mode and the functionality should be restored.

Error Code Explanations

  • F0 or F1 - Touchpad fault.
  • F2 - Can appear during baking or cleaning and indicates that the oven has overheated.
  • F3 or F4 - Faulty oven temperature sensor, sometimes can be fixed by a reset.
  • F7 - Touchpad or Control Panel fault.
  • F9 - Issue with the door lock switch.