Indesit Washing Machine

If your Indesit washing machine is not working correctly, you might find that a factory reset fixes the issue:

Factory Reset Instructions

  1. Unplug (isolate) the machine
  2. Turn on the machine “ON / OFF” button.
  3. Set the timer control to a “Zero position”.
  4. Plug the appliance back in and switch on the power supplying the machine.
  5. The display lights should now flash.
  6. Turn off the machine at the “ON / OFF” button.
  7. Select the program required.
  8. Turn the machine back on at the “ON / OFF” button.

Reading Error Codes

In order to read the fault code you must look at the flashing LEDs on the unit and then add the values for each flash together to get the final error code value.

  • Spin = 1
  • Rinse = 2
  • Wash = 4
  • Spin Option = 8
  • Quick Wash = 16

For example if the wash and spin option LEDs are flashing you would have a fault code of F12.

Error Code Explanation

  • F01 - Triac Short circuit
  • F02 - Blocked Motor, Short-circuited
  • F03 - Open/Short-Circuited NTC Found
  • F04 - Overflow and Pressure Switch Empty found at the same time (Pressure Switch stuck on Empty)
  • F05 - Blocked Pump or Pressure Switch stuck on Empty
  • F06 - Selector Error
  • F07 - Heater Relay Stuck
  • F08 - Heater Relay issue or Pressure Switch stuck on Full Found
  • F09 - Machine Setup Error Found - EEPROM
  • F10 - Pressure Switch Issue or Level sense issue
  • F11 - Drain Pump Feedback Missing
  • F12 - Lack of Display card-Main Card Communication
  • F13 - NTC wiring harness disconnected from the dryer system
  • F14 - Dryer connector open or not connected
  • F15 - Dryer connector is always active
  • F16 - Non-functioning basket block
  • F17 - Door lock error
  • F18 - Electronic Communication error