Jawbone Icon

Soft Reset

  1. Disconnect the Jawbone Icon from any power source.
  2. Turn it off (slide the power button so that no color shows).
  3. Insert the micro USB adapter — but do not have the adapter inserted into any power source.
  4. Press-and-hold the Icon’s “Talk button” (you need fingernails for this step) while you simultaneously plug the USB adapter into a power source (the AC adapter or a working USB slot on your computer).
  5. Release the Talk button.
  6. You should see the red light flash (LED) and then transition to a solid red glow.
  7. Remove the Jawbone Icon from the charger and turn the headset on. You should see a solid white LED.

Hard/Master Reset

  1. Turn it on, wait for the white blinking light.
  2. Click the talk button 6 times, fast.
  3. If you did it right, it'll blink red.
  4. Long press the talk button
  5. It'll flash red & white when master reset is complete