Sky HD Box

Factory Reset Sky HD Box Through Menus

  1. Press “SERVICES” on your Sky Plus Remote
  2. Select Option 4
  3. Next press 0, 1 and SELECT – you should now see the engineer’s menu.
  4. Choose option 8, ‘Full System Reset’. The box will now take a few minutes to reset itself.

Force Sky HD Box Update

  1. Remove your Sky viewing card from the decoder.
  2. Turn on your TV and ensure that you can see a feed coming from your Sky decoder (if you remove the card it will most likely just give you a message to reinsert the card, but no TV images will be shown, only a blue background).
  3. Turn-off the decoder at the wall socket, or better still unplug it and wait one minute
  4. Then, holding down the ‘back-up‘ button on the front of the decoder, plug it back into the mains. Do not use the back-up button on the remote control.
  5. Still holding down the back-up button, count to 15, or wait until all the lights on the front of the decoder are on. A message should appear on the TV screen saying that the decoder is “Updating System Software – Please wait” – do so (patiently). When you see this message, you can remove your finger from the back-up button. Remember not to use your phone line during this period.
  6. Wait for around 15 minutes for the software upgrade to complete itself.
  7. When the update has completed the decoder will restart itself automatically. Wait for 2 minutes and 30 seconds after the red light appears. If it does not, wait for a minimum of 1 hour before turning it off and on again at the mains.