Wink Relay

Factory Reset Instructions

  1. While holding top right switch (physical button) on Relay, press the soft reset button underneath faceplate.
  2. Continue holding top right button until “System recovery” screen appears.
  3. Press bottom switch three times or until “wipe cache partition...” ...
  4. Press the top switch to do “wipe cache partition…”
  5. Press the bottom switch twice, or until “wipe data/factory reset…”
  6. Press the top switch to do “wipe data/factory reset…”
  7. Press the bottom button until "delete all user data... yes"
  8. Press the top switch to proceed.
  9. Press the bottom switch all the way until "reset to factory image..."
  10. Press the top button and proceed with reset to factory image.
  11. Now restart it by pressing top switch.
  12. Once it reboots set up your wifi.