Microsoft Xbox 360

Reset XBOX 360 Video Output

  1. Remove any discs from the disc tray.
  2. Turn off the console.
  3. Turn on the console.
    1. If you are using a wireless controller turn on the console by using the Xbox Guide button on the controller (Make sure you use the player1 controller)
  4. Once the controller has turned on press and hold the Y button whilst pulling the right trigger.
  5. The Console will automatically reboot and video settings will be returned to defaults.

Reset XBOX 360 Failed System Updates

  1. With the console off, press and hold the sync up button.
  2. While holding the sync button press the power button to turn on the console
  3. Continue to hold the sync button until the Console has booted up completely.
  4. During the boot process the console should clear any failed updates, allowing you to use it normally.

Reset XBOX 360 All Installed Game Updates

  1. Go to the "system" blade
  2. Select "memory"
  3. Press Y on the HD symbol
  4. Press X,X, Left Bumper, Right Bumper, X,X
  5. A message will appear saying: "Do you want to perform maintenance on your Xbox 360 storage devices?"
  6. Select Yes