Factory Reset

Reset restores your YouView box to its original factory settings (the way it was when you bought it). This will delete all your recordings, and put all settings back to their default values. You won't be able to get these back. You'll also need to go through the setup process again.

  1. To perform a Factory Reset, press the YouView button on your remote control and go to Settings > Device Management > Reset YouView Box.
  2. Choose ‘Yes’ and you’ll get a warning message.
  3. Press OK to continue, or Back to cancel.
  4. If you choose to reset, your set top box will restart and once this is complete, all your recordings and settings will have been removed, and the setup wizard will begin automatically.

Factory Reset (Method 2)

  1. Unplug then reconnect the mains power to the box. A red light should appear
  2. Press and hold the down arrow button on your remote control until you see ‘Enter Maintenance Mode Y/N’ at the bottom of the screen
  3. When you see this, press the standby/power button on the box. You need to press the standby/power button within five seconds, otherwise you’ll need to start from step one again
  4. After a few seconds you’ll see the ‘Maintenance Mode’ menu. Choose and select Factory Reset using the arrow buttons