Common LCD Faults

The latest LCD TVs have more features than ever - unfortunately these new features add to the complexity of both the electronics and the software that is responsible for the continued working of your set. Below we list some of the most common things that we've seen and the best solutions for each one.

Smashed/Cracked or Broken Screen

Unfortunately this is one of the most common issues that we see, and unfortunately it's not cost effective to replace the screen, in almost all cases it's cheaper to buy a newer set, which typically has all of the latest features and software. Picking a manufacturer can be quite difficult these days, but we would recommend a Samsung LCD.

Clicking/Turning On Briefly or Flashing Power Light

These sort of symptoms can be the result of any number of components malfunctioning in the back of you set - however the most typical issue we've found is with the PSU or Power Board of the set. If you are happy with opening the back of your set (and voiding the warranty) we would suggest taking a look at our LCD Power Problems page. Whilst this behaviour is not always the result of bad capacitors on the PSU board, it's one of the most common things that we see in the repair shop.

Random Turning Off

This could also be related to a Faulty PSU or could be related to firmware corruption / failed software update. In almost all cases we would recommend resetting to factory defaults through the and then trying to update or restore the firmware of your set, either by visiting the manufacturers website or by doing an OTA Update on your set.

Audio But No Video

This could be down to a bad backlight or T-Con board failure. In the case of bad led backlights, you can buy a relatively cheap LED Tester, although typically if all of the backlights are out it points to another problem. If it's a T-Con board failure then keep reading below...

T-Con Board Failure

The T-Con board failure can result in the following symptoms:

  • Lines all over the screen.
  • TV appears to turn on.
  • Sound on the TV still appears to work fine.
  • Picture is inverted or shows inverted colours.
  • Functions of the TV appear to work except for the display, audio, channel change etc.

Given the complexity of a modern LCD T-Con board, we'd typically suggest copying the part number and then either searching for the replacement part on or