Amazon Kindle 1

You can work out which kindle you have by looking at first part of the serial number and the list below:

B001 = Kindle 1

B002 = Kindle 2 U.S. (Sprint)

B003 = Kindle 2 International (AT&T)

B004 = Kindle DX U.S.

B005 = Kindle DX International

B006 = Kindle 3 3G + WiFi Graphite/White (U.S. and Canada)

B008 = Kindle 3 WiFi

B009 = Kindle DX Graphite

B00A = Kindle 3 3G + WiFi Graphite (Europe)

Factory Reset the Amazon Kindle 1

  1. To reset Kindle 1, you need to open the back cover first.
  2. Turn your Kindle over so that the back cover is facing you.
  3. Slide the back cover off by pressing the cover firmly while sliding the cover to the right with your thumbs.
  4. Use a paper clip to press the reset button on the top left of the battery.
  5. The kindle will flash a few times and reset.