Samsung Service Menu Explanation

If you need help accessing the service menu on your Samsung set instructions can be found on the Samsung Service Menu Page.

Before changing any of the settings we would highly recommend that you take photos of the current settings or note them down somewhere. Please be warned that some changes can cause irreparable damage to your set.

Once you enter the service menu on your Samsung set, there are a lot of confusing abbreviations and menu options to choose from, below we've listed as many of the menus and explanations for those options:

Option Menu

  • Factory Reset - resets the TV to factory settings and clears any network settings.
  • Type - allows you to change the model number of the TV. (Do not change !!)
  • Tuner - allows you to set the tuner card type in the TV. (Do not change !!)

MRT Option Submenu

  • Region - sets the operating region of the set, useful if you need to access another countries apps
  • Wifi Region - Sets the wifi region/channel allocation for the set, if you are having problems with wifi we recommend making sure this is set to "A".
  • Teletext(TTX) - Enables or disables the teletext function of the set.
  • Language Set - Defines which languages show up in the TVs main settings menu.
  • Extended PVR - Allows for manual and scheduled recording of programmes to a connected USB stick or hard drive.
  • BT Support - Enables bluetooth support for your set. (Doesn't work in most cases)
  • Instant On - Allows the set to start quicker, and removes the Samsung boot logo.

Engineer Option Submenu

  • Panel Init Time - shows the number of hours that the panel has been active for.
  • TV Plus Support - enables or disables the TV Plus features of your set.
  • Caption Brightness - allows you to set the relative brightness of the onscreen subtitles.

Production Option Submenu

Control Menu

EDID Submenu

Sub Option Submenu

  • Watchdog - If set to OFF, it may prevent continuous TV reboots.
  • WD Count - Watchdog Count, Read Only.
  • ACM_MC - If set to ON, adds "Wi-Fi Speaker Surround Setup" to Settings => Sound. Only available when at least one Samsung Multiroom Link compatible speaker is connected to the TV.

Hotel Option

  • Hospitality Mode - allows you to put the set into Hotel/Hospitality mode, which can restrict some features of the set.

Power On

  • Power On Channel - Set the default values that will be applied when the TV is turned on.
  • Power On Channel Num - Sets the channel for the TV to turn on to.
  • Power On Channel Type - Select channel band: AIR (analog air band), DTV (digital air band), CATV (analog cable band), CDTV (digital cable band).
  • Power On Volume - Allows you to set the TV to turn onto a pre-defined volume, or the last set volume before the TV was turned off.
  • Min Volume - The minimum Volume Level the user can set in Stand Alone Hospitality mode.
  • Max Volume - The maximum Volume Level the user in Stand Alone Hospitality mode.
  • Power On Source - Select the input source the TV displays when turns on.
  • Power On Option - Determines the TV's state when power returns after a power failure or after you have unplugged the TV and then plugged it in again.


Shop Option

  • Shop Mode - Enables shop mode on your set, which displays advertising and features for use in a store front - Samsung_Store_Mode

Asia Option

Sound Submenu

  • Speaker Delay - Sets the Audio delay for Lipsync.

Debug Menu

SVC Menu

Other Setting Submenu

  • Source Banner Hide - When enabled this hides the banner that shows up when you switch between different input sources.